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Employee Printing Out an Awful Lot of Lion Pictures

Buck Igloos

Buck Igloos


An employee in the Barlow Foods offices in Lankville City has been printing out an awful lot of lion pictures, co-workers are confirming.

The employee was identified as Kelley Pauses, 54, of North Suburban Lankville.

“I’ve been noticing an awful lot of printing being done recently, we’ve been going through a lot of toner,” noted Administrative Assistant Henrietta Schropp. “I’ve been keeping an eye on the queue, and I keep seeing print jobs with weird titles like “Thirsty Cubs”, “Sunning on the Savanna”, “Danger in the Long Grass”– that kind of thing.”

“We’ve counted over 500 lion pictures in the last two weeks alone,” Schropp added.

One of the lion pictures seized this morning.

One of the lion pictures seized this morning.

“I saw [Kelley] closing her drawer really quickly one day and I happened to notice it was stuffed full of lion pictures. I found it very curious,” noted co-worker Lance Parrisher, who later disappeared. “I think she disposed of a lot of files to make room for the [lion] pictures.”

Pauses refused to comment. Her lion pictures were seized this morning and she was sent home early.

“I guess it would be understandable if she had a child that was, say, making a poster for school about lions,” opined Parrisher. “But, she’s barren. I remember because we were all eating cake when she told us.”

“I think she lives alone,” Schropp noted.

Barlow Foods CEO John Barlow, reached by phone, stated that he did not yet have enough information to comment.

“I’ll need to know a little more about these lion pictures,” Barlow stated. “We’ll be keeping an eye on the incident.”

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