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I Want to Tell You About How I Got Back Together with My New Boyfriend!

By Ashley Pfeiffers

By Ashley Pfeiffers


I want to tell you about how I got back together with my new boyfriend!

I had been SO depressed after he broke up with me. I just kept going back and reading and re-reading all his texts, staring at the things we bought together at the mall, going to Pizza A-Round and just ordering a soda, hoping I’d see him. But weeks passed and nothing.

And then one night my phone buzzed. I had already turned out the lights and was just lying there on my fuzzy cat pillow when it happened. It was late, everyone in the house was asleep– I picked it up.

It said, “ash, can i see you.”

I wrote back right away and we met in the parking lot by the woods.

“The guys just left,” he said, looking down at the cracked asphalt. “We had some good ideas flowing tonight.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about but he looked SO CUTE.

“Ash, I made a big mistake, you know. It’s you and me, Ash. I got you something.”

He produced a plastic bag that he had hidden in some weeds. It was a fuzzy cat pillow from the mall– the same fuzzy cat pillow that I had JUST had my head on!  I ALMOST DIED.

“I already have this one but I love it,” I said. “It’s part of a series.”

“Oh, I’ll take it back, I can get another one in the series,” he said. He started to reach for the bag.

“NO!” I said. “This…is really special.” I felt like I was going to faint.

He hugged me and then we kissed passionately.

“That kiss was like when the planets come out, Ash,” he said. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but it was SO SPECIAL!


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