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Gladys Martinez, Author of “Gentle Keith” Dead at 85

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By Bernie Keebler

By Bernie Keebler

Gladys Martinez, author of the popular young adult novel “Gentle Keith” has died. She was 85.

Martinez was eaten by a pelican.

“Gentle Keith”, which was published in 1968, has long been a beloved Lankville novel. It has sold over 600,000,000 copies.

Gladys Martinez is dead.

Gladys Martinez is dead.

“It’s an affectionate coming-of-age story about a dog in the medieval times,” said Martinez’ agent Doyle Alexander. “The dog must choose between the comfort of the kingdom or the freedom of the hills. Well, I won’t spoil it but, let’s just say, the dog makes the right decision.”

Alexander chortled loudly and a soda was flipped off his desk in the process causing confusion.

Martinez was born in 1930 in the Snowy Lake Regions. She was briefly a reporter for the Lankville Daily News and also wrote for several popular periodicals.

“She claimed that she had a long dream about Gentle Keith,” said Martinez’ son Dennis by phone. “And she woke up from the dream and she began writing. And the rest is history.”

Martinez was also the author of 14 other juvenile novels including Last Chance for Hippo, The Reckoning, and Pretty Gold Parties in the Lost Cities.

She is survived by 4 children, 48 grandchildren, and 298 great-grandchildren.

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