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Feelings by Dr. Kevin Thurston

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Dr. Kevin Thurston

Dr. Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

A crucial component of the Thurston Method is to attend a “Feelings Meeting”. These are held in my office on a monthly basis, generally on Saturday evenings. Men are encouraged to bring their own folding chairs and engage in “heart wisdom” and to also have a look at some of the new things I have for sale– kerosene lanterns (set of three), $19.99, pancake maker from TV, $14.99, bunch of other stuff.

After a short airing of grievances section, we begin the Feelings Meetings with a series of warm-up exercises that include “Slow Motion Dive”, “Needle Practice”, and “The Lunge”. You will be able to feel the stress leave your body at this point but because of the thick glass blocks designed to prevent the theft of electronics and collectibles in my office, the stress will unfortunately remain in the room and be with us for the rest of our session. I try to view this as a good thing because we may be able to occasionally visualize the collective stresses and merge them into one humongous stress, however you will need to see my Thurston Advanced Topics handout for more information on how to accomplish this high-level step in the Thurston Method.

Participants are then each asked individually: “how are you feeling right now?” As each man attempts to answer the question, I will quietly go around and offer certain items that may help to alleviate specific smaller stresses: expandable flexible compact garden hose, $21.99, novelty singing parakeet, $14.99, 12 pack of latex caulk, $17.99. This part of the session burns up most of our time together. However, right at the end, we will talk about “Power Journeys”. These are journeys of discovery, humiliation and hiding that take place once a year at some pyramids in Eastern Lankville. Our 2016 Power Journey will take place in March. I have a nice luggage set available right now that would be perfect for the Journey, $99.99, brown.

Snacks and beverages (limited) are generally available after the session.

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