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Drunken Reporter Gump Tibbs Arrested on Riding Mower

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By Patt Higher-Watts

By Patt Higher-Watts

Lankville Daily News columnist Gump Tibbs was arrested last night, sources are confirming.

Police used a rope to secure the combative 52-year-old Tibbs whose blood-alcohol content was nearly five times the legal limit as he drove a lawn tractor and carried a box of beer along the Deep Eastern Suburban thruway, court documents state.

Tibbs is also being charged with several counts of trespassing after it was reported that he weaved his Neptune Cadet lawn tractor across several nearby lawns.

Police were alerted to Tibbs’ behavior around 11 p.m.

Detective Gee-Temple, who was the first to arrive at the scene, saw Tibbs standing in the road holding a box of beer. “Mr. Tipps [sic] had left the tractor running along the road and was attempting to disengage a beer from the cardboard box.”

Gee-Temple could smell alcohol on Tibbs and observed him stumble as he walked, according to court documents. Tibbs, who had slurred and slow speech, told Gee-Temple he was driving the lawn mower to a friend’s house.

Tibbs in Trouble

Tibbs in Trouble

“He was wearing his customary white suit but it was just splattered with grass stains and beer,” the intrepid detective noted.

Gee-Temple then said that Tibbs became uncooperative and combative, failed to comply with the trooper’s commands, and was taken into custody after two other officers arrived, according to court documents.

“He called me some lewd, offensive names,” said Gee-Temple. “We don’t cater much to that sort of behavior.”

Tibbs had to be carried to the state police cruiser. The tractor was impounded.

Upon leaving the state police station to be transported to the Deep Eastern Suburban Memorial  Jail, Tibbs continued to be aggressive, police said. He indicated that Gee-Temple better watch his back and said, “I am going to bury you.”

Tibbs has been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, not having a registration and certificate of title, lewd language and threatening an officer.

The News had not issued a statement as of this morning.

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