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Schropp Album Panned by Critics

By Bernie Keebler

By Bernie Keebler

Lankville Daily News correspondent Brian Schropp has released an album and critics aren’t so thrilled with it.

A Little Pizza in the Night, which features spoken word poems and light portable keyboard playing, has been thoroughly panned.Schropp Album

“It’s unlistenable,” said music writer Plete Boyer. “I mean literally. It sounds like it was recorded on a cheap cassette tape in the back of the Pizza A’Round. From what I can tell, no microphone was used other than the little tiny built-in mic that most of those cheap players have. And on certain tracks, Schropp seems to have his mouth directly on the mic and everything is a kind of a slobbery garble.”

The album features 14 tracks and Schropp claims it was recorded over three sessions on three different days.

“I had to fit it in between my important work here at the Round and also for the paper. But I feel like it’s a beautiful piece of work in a very specific way. I think it just adds to my personal ouevre.”

Schropp was ordered by his supervisor to open an enormous can of sauce and the interview was ended prematurely.

A Little Pizza in the Night will be available at most major record stores in the Northern Suburban Area.

“We’ll be carrying it, I believe,” said newly-hired record store clerk Larry Klacik who was recently dismissed from his position at Larry Pendleton’s Double Book Hut due to public drunkenness. “I’m sure it will sell moderately well. Maybe.”

The album retails for $7.99 on compact disk, $9.99 as a digital download on The Reckoner Exactra 2.0 and $12.99 on limited edition picture disk vinyl (the picture is a pizza).

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