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Cuisine Scribe Schropp Wins Singing Contest

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk


Lankville Daily News cuisine writer and Pizza A’Round employee Brian Schropp has won a Deep Northern Suburbs singing contest, sources are confirming.

Schropp Island

Brian Schropp was the winner.

“Contestants had to submit a sample video of their singing,” said contest moderator Jennie Departments. “The panel felt that [Brian’s] song was the best. We will be presenting him with his $100 gift certificate for a Vitiello Decorative Ham in the next few days.”

The panel later noted that of the sixteen submissions received, Schropp’s was the only video which was not completely lewd.

“Still, we feeled [sic] that the video showed great promise,” Departments averred.

“I was trying to express in song the workings of my advanced taste palette,” noted Schropp, who was interviewed during a short break from his shift at the Pizza A’Round. “Fortunately, the phone manager at the Round, Stephanie, was able to bring her camcorder and edit the video. I think it came out really nice.”

Schropp was asked if Stephanie was a possible love interest to which the writer and singer became visibly red-faced and embarrassed and eventually collapsed into a bush.

When Schropp was revived, he commented, “I’m sorry about that Lloyd. I…”  Schropp began to giggle sheepishly and the interview was ended prematurely.

The winning video may be seen here:


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