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I Want to Tell You SO MUCH About How My New Boyfriend and I Formed a Band!


Ashley large

By Ashley Pfeiffers

OH MY GOD, I want to tell you SO MUCH about how my new boyfriend and I formed a band!

I AM SO EXCITED! It was around dusk yesterday and my new boyfriend was putting on his toque (even though it’s 95 degrees out) and getting ready to head down to the edge of the woods. “Do you have a lot of ideas flowing?” I asked.

He sat down on the bed.

“You know, Ash, not really. I mean, the boys are kind of disappointing me and all. We haven’t had any good ideas in, like, an epoch.”

“What do you think the problem is?”

He thought about it awhile. OH MY GOD, he looks SO CUTE when he’s pensive. We are SO in love.

“I think I need to hear some new ideas, Ash, you know, like, from somebody totally different than the guys by the edge of the woods.”

“Well…I have some ideas. I have, like, a keyboard in the basement.” OH MY GOD, I was SO nervous.

He smiled at me. His smile is AMAZING. I started to kind of shake a little and I ended up spilling one of those huge plastic barrels of pretzels all over the bed. I started sweeping it up.

“Leave it, Ash. Mrs. Love will clean it up.” (Mrs. Love is our island maid). “Let’s go down to the basement.”

Anyway, my new boyfriend got out his guitar and I got on the keyboard and RIGHT AWAY we started making really AMAZING music. I almost DIED. Seriously.

“Wow, Ash,” my new boyfriend said. “That last cut was like…I don’t know…like the music our hearts would make when they’re, like, smooshed together.”

“I know!” I said. I almost DIED. Seriously.

Anyway, we played for like two hours until Dad came home from the mortuary and asked us to be quiet.

Later, we were standing out by my new boyfriend’s Mom’s station wagon. And he gave me the most beautiful kiss. I had never wanted his lips more.

“Maybe we should call the band “The Kiss”, Ash,” he suggested.

“AWWW,” I said. “That is so…”

But I never finished. He kissed me again and it COMPLETELY took away my breath.


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