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OPINION: Time for the Pondicherry Association to Step Up

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment

By Two Pandas
Special Panda Correspondents
file photo

Now that the lockout has ended, it is time for the Pondicherry Association to step up. It is time for the Pondicherry Association to have a “Save the Pandas Night.”

It should be immediate. It should be on opening night. It should be league-wide.

The Pondicherry Association has done nothing to help us.

Other giant pandas are less diplomatic than us. “Jesus H. Christ, I’m not fucking around anymore,” wrote another panda friend. “Otherwise, there will be danger.” This panda has been known to push over things. We do not necessarily condone this, we mention it only as a warning.

We have sent letters, emails, texts, and boat notes. There has been no reply.

The Pondicherry Association is not helping us.