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Catching Up With Robin Brox

By Marles Cundiff
Lankville Lakes Region Attache
File photo

Lankville Lakes Cabbager correspondent Marles Cundiff had a chance to sit down with Condiments owner and GM Robin Brox at her uncolored condiment factory in Western Lankville.

MC: Disappointed with the lockout?
RB: Absolutely. But I’m a female entrepreneur. We can’t sit on our hands waiting for something to happen. So, I’ve gone ahead and rented out Brox Uncolored Condiment Centre to several circuses and an athletic display for the retarded.
MC: You’re the only owner, in fact, who seems to be moving forward.
RB: My life has always been about moving forward. I’ve been married 13 times.
MC: Somehow, I…I find that really hot.
RB: You like that, baby?

(Brox began slapping Cundiff hard in the face and caroming condiment packets off his head. The two were later married and the interview was ended prematurely).

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