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How to Make Hockey Better for Puppets: By a 1960’s Space Puppet

By A 1960’s Space Puppet
Steve Zodiac original
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It has often been opined (by puppets) that hockey can be a difficult game to follow, particularly on television.  This is a problem that has plagued the Pondicherry Association (and puppets) for years.

Several space puppets, including myself, have come together to offer a solution.

We have constructed a constantly moving, glowing small orb that will be placed in a transparent puck.  The glowing orb will occasionally emit flashing rays that will be visible from anywhere in the arena.  These rays will, in turn, hook up with transmitters in the rafters and will emit a further, even more powerful ray.  We have placed the timing for this emission at once every three seconds during game play.

We will introduce the concept to fans (including puppets) so that they might be prepared for the flashing radiance.  We are experimenting with the idea of having different colored rays according to the period of play but at the moment, this is merely conceptual.  We have also toyed with the idea of having players wear transmitters so that the rays might issue forth from the puck and carom off their jerseys, then finding their way upwards towards the ceiling transmitters.  Again, this is currently in the conceptual stage.

Nevertheless, it is our intent to make hockey better for puppets.

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