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Royer’s Madcap Experiences: The Ardth Hordes and the Tongueless Horror

By Ric Royer
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Time was passing quickly when I selected my donkey.  The sky, where it had been crimson only moments ago, had turned a dull slate grey and was moving quickly.  Momentarily, I stared at the perplexing mountains beyond.  There was something derelict about them.

It became suddenly yellow.  “What’s that donkey?  Why?” I asked, pointing into the hay-strewn mud shed.  The native, an ancient figure, began to count out currency.

“Are you going to sell me that donkey?  And what about the swords?”  But it was useless.  The figure continued his deliberate counting.  I ambled over to a machine that dispensed hats.

I came back.

“What about the donkey and the swords?”  He pointed to a barrel, covered in muslin.  It became slate grey again.  I selected two swords.  One had a delicately-engraved scabbard.

“Give me a little booklet on the Ardth Hordes.  Throw that in there.  Put it on the counter, old man.”  I was becoming pushy– it was impossible to tell whether night was coming.  I eyed again the monstrous, grotesque mountains.

He had interest only in the coins.  He took two sacks and immediately drained them.

The donkey was led out by a small boy.

That’s when I lit out for the Ardth Hordes and came upon the tongueless horror.

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