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BREAKING: Pondicherry Baseball Association Founded

By Grady Kitchens
Senior Staff Writer
File photo

It was announced early this morning that the Pondicherry Baseball Association Division of Leagues has been founded.  Multiple sources are confirming.

The league, founded secretly last week, has established ownership in twelve areas, including The Depths, Hoover Island and the Eastern Wooded Area.

The league released the following chart of current clubs:



Chunk Island Ruby Legs The Balloons
Eastern Hole District Bulbs Desert Vermilion Sands
Lankville Falls Crisply Moving Bisons Hoover Island Stamps
Mountain Area Redbirds Outer Depths Wipers
Vitiello Decorative Hams Sun Belt Terrifying Bats
Wooded Area Arboreal Dells Western Area Small Pizzas

Hockey owners Ric Royer, Chris Vitiello, “Inner Hammer” and island monarch Aaron Hoover are believed to have    purchased franchises.

A press conference is expected later this afternoon.

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