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Vitiello First Owner to Discuss New Baseball League

By Lance Pepsid
Special Fashion Correspondent
File photo

Chris Vitiello sat down with The Pondicherry Association News to discuss his new baseball club, The Vitiello Decorative Hams.

CV: Your appearance at a sports interview is a continuing grievous enigma, Mr. Pepsid.
LP: Let’s talk about the Pondicherry Baseball Association Division of Leagues.
CV: Lankville has not had professional baseball for quite some time. We saw a need and we filled that need. Nothing more to discuss.
LP: Where will your club play?
CV: Vitiello Decorative Hams Arena was originally designed to house football and baseball in addition to hockey. You should know that.
LP: What will the new logo look like?
CV(long, impatient pause): What is the name of our club, Mr. Pepsid?
LP: I didn’t know if…
CV: If, what, Mr. Pepsid?
LP: Maybe a ham with a bat…or…
CV: If you could stand up Mr. Pepsid and launch your folding chair in the direction of the wall, please…

Mr. Pepsid slowly did as instructed and was then whipped mercilessly.

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