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Balloons Pound Bats in Final PBA Exhibition

By Trenton Scisse
Baseball Beat Writer
File photo

The Balloons pounded the Terrifying Bats yesterday in the final Pondicherry Baseball Association Division of Leagues exhibition contest at Contextual Concepts Park.  The final was 31-3.

Denny Herrera was 5 for 6 with 2 doubles, a triple and 5 YES RBI’s for the Balloons and star lefthander Henry Entrance-Rocks hurled 4 scoreless frames before leaving due to injury.  Bat owner Ric Royer, who was briefly in attendance, was somehow pleased with the clubs performance.

“I thought the quality was generally not there but that the buried spirit will emerge,” said Royer, who sat in the owner’s box with several illuminated snow village buildings.  “The man that appeared suddenly from behind the deep unfathomable walls (relief pitcher Brock Pep) seemed to have difficulties with his personal constructed ethos (Pep allowed 14 earned runs in 2 innings) but otherwise I think we will analyse our findings based on paradigms that will become clear.”

Royer left after the fourth inning for reasons unclear.  The owner of the Balloons has not yet been named and the club has refused all interviews.

“It was a tough day,” said Bat manager Jimmy “Apple-Cakes” Quizzler, who formerly was coach of the Bats hockey club.  “Pep didn’t pitch well and then [Mitch] Jo-Williamson didn’t pitch well (11 earned runs in 2.2 innings) and we made 9 errors.  We need to locate our pitches better and not keep putting them right down the middle of the plate and have them coming in really slow and without any movement whatsoever.  It would also help if Pep and Williamson weren’t acknowledging the catcher’s signs by yelling the name of the pitch back to the catcher and then nodding.  That would be helpful.”  Quizzler kicked over a water cooler and, in the confusion, the interview was ended prematurely.

The regular season of the PBA will begin on Tuesday.

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