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Updates From Royersford

By Brock Belvedere, Jr.
Senior Staff Writer
File Photo

9:53 AM

I’d like to welcome you to Royersford in Eastern Lankville.  Royersford was named after Terrifying Bats owner and GM Ric Royer.  He owns a summer home here and is a member of the borough council.

Parts of the 1958 horror film Ghosts Live in Caves starring Gordon McKing were filmed in Royersford.   There is a veterans graveyard, a service station and a family restaurant.  There are also some houses.

Thanks very much for your attention.

11:25 AM

Just now, Mr. Royer has finished addressing the citizens of Royersford in an area of scrubland east of the train station.  A small dais with colorful bunting was erected.

The speech finished, Mr. Royer ordered a large forklift to bring in a gigantic cardboard box of used electronics.  The citizens were allowed to take what they wanted.

Temperature is a perfect 75 degrees.

7:13 PM

Mr. Royer had a late dinner last night at “The Lucky Lab” restaurant.  He ordered the “Loaded Pub Nachos”– a pile of tri-colored tortilla chips with melted cheeses, some olives and a tubular-shaped side of sour cream.  This was followed by “The Fry Basket”, the Burgundy Tenderloin Medallions, the Shrimp Etouffee, and a hot dog.

As dusk approached, Mr. Royer walked with some municipal authorities to inspect the progress of the new recycling program for latex paint and prescription drugs.  Small brown containers could be seen in front of most of the homes of Royersford, piled high with empty latex paint cans and long-expired prescription drugs.  “A victory,” Mr. Royer pronounced, though he eyed suspiciously those homes with no container.  “Our goal is 100% participation.”

Then, it was off for some television and then bed.

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