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Catching Up with John Barlow: AN INTERVIEW

By Gump Tibbs
Senior Staff Writer
File photo

Gump Tibbs recently had a chance to sit down with hockey executive, businessman and author John Barlow at the opening of “Barlow’s Hampered Mall” in downtown Lankville.

GT:  What is a Hampered Mall?
JB: It’s a mall that is severely bereft of actual stores. Therefore, the shopper is quite hampered in his ability to purchase anything.
GT: Tell us about the construction.
JB: It’s a wonderful place. There is a terrific sense of proportion with the fountains.
GT: Now, I saw some women working in the tiny food court that were not exactly nice scenery if you know what I mean. One of them looked like an ironing board with fried eggs nailed on. Any thoughts on improving things on that front?
JB: All of our hiring is done by a company in the Islands. I’m not surprised that they have disappointed you. I was there once and noticed dried dung in the carpet.
GT: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Hey, you wanna go fire some guns at some trees?

Barlow thought about the offer momentarily and then the two men got up and left the mall together. The interview was ended.

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