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Impromptu Inner Hammer Display Confuses Fanfest Patrons

By Tito Presentation
Distinctive Reporter
File photo

An impromptu display on vintage radio repair delivered by Small Pizzas owner “Inner Hammer” confused patrons at a club fanfest, sources are now reporting.

“Yeah, he got up to speak and then he started talking about flat-molded paper capacitors and the importance of obtaining a clear schematic and it just got very confusing,” said Pizzas fan Kevin Fernandez-Tony.  “People started murmuring and then he [Inner Hammer] would demand silence in a loud, commanding voice.  No one was permitted to leave the area.  It went on for hours and then finally it concluded with a long cleaning display.  He just kept saying, “You use a soft toothbrush to get into the crannies” over and over again and he removed his shirt at one point which was just soaked with sweat.”

Fernandez-Tony later bounced out of a meadow and into a bottomless pit where he expired.

“Inner Hammer” left the event quickly after his speech but spoke briefly with the media.

“Communication between the islands will be an important source of information and if you’re communicating, you might as well be doing so on a serviced and clean radio.  My belief, fellows.  Take it and bang it around a little, pull it back up and let me know how it turns out.”

The executive then left in a specially-made sports car that was somehow doorless.

The fanfest ended shortly thereafter.

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