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Sci-Fi Lacuna with Dean T. Pibbs

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Today’s selection comes from Manly Bannisters (1975-    ) of Eastern Lankville.  Manly has published five absolutely irrelevant novels thus far but is perhaps best known for his short story “The Turgid Blood Red Sun” which first appeared in the magazine “Inflamed by Stars and Blood” in February 2004.  

THE TURGID BLOOD RED SKY   By Manly Bannisters
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It was not so much that I resented my assignment in Khan, the human settlement adjacent to the Yount Stronghold.  It was that I had at least hoped for preferential treatment because of my handiness with the Tools of Space.  After all, I did know an awful lot about the tools and also about the Lair of Yount.  My own father had been one of them, had given his life in the search.

“There is an ancient saying,” I suddenly observed aloud.  “It’s to the effect that he who serves also waits.”

“Why don’t you shut the hell up, Glenn?” said one of the Fire Monkeys.  And yet, he crept to the orifice and stared out into Deep Space Night.  He was anxious– anxious as a monkey gets.

“Who would have thought this?” I said, in desperation.  “They always told us in class that we know nothing about Deep Space.  Or very little.  But this?  This…HELL?”

“It’s only Hell if you view the passing spaceships as beacons of hopelessness,” said another Fire Monkey.  He was one of the wiser Fire Monkeys.  I liked him.

“But they are!  They are beacons of hopelessness!”  I began to cry.  I thought of my wife on Earth.  It was true, we never had coitus.  But still.  The loneliness here with these Fire Monkeys was becoming unendurable.”

“Go outside the Lair.  Take in some of the various elements that make up this Transneptunian Planet,” said another Fire Monkey.

“You go with me,” I said.  “You go first.”  One became paranoid in the Yount Stronghold.

He stood up and approached the orifice.  He was reticent, I could tell.  And for good reason.  For, as soon as he placed his foot into the dusty surface outside the Lair, he was immediately destroyed by a laser.  It was abominable.

To finish reading “The Turgid Blood Red Sky”, send $9.99 and return envelope to Manly Bannisters, General Delivery, Lankville.

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