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Ric Royer’s Recipe for Thanksgiving Larded Roast Hare

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By Ric Royer
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Incarcerated business magnate and sports club owner Ric Royer (who elected to use his given name for this recipe) is not just an innovative executive.  He is also quite the gastronome.  He shared with The Lankville Daily News his recipe for Thanksgiving Larded Roast Hare.

“Well, we’re going to skin, draw and truss the little motherfucker,” said Royer, from the kitchens at the Foontz-Flonnaise Home of Abundant Senselessness.  “Then, you want to lard the back fillets with finely-cut lardons and braise them in a sauce Irlandaise.  While you’re doing that, you want to get a square piece of buttered wax paper and just roast the holy hell out of it for twenty minutes.  Just incinerate the bejesus out of it.  Then, we’ll remove the paper, meanwhile keeping it well-basted, remove the strings, the cheese cloth and the clippers and serve the whole load of bullshit up on a hot dish.

Have the Irlandaise sauce ready to go in one of those old god damn sauceboats.  Make a fucking mess of it with watercress– just pummel it diabolically and serve it up with some trenches de jambon aux tomates.

Christ’s ass, it makes a big bitch of a meal, I’ll tell you.  You get some of that green gooseberry sauce on the side and you can write yourself a fucking ticket to the goddamn moon.”

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