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Ramping it Up With Some Mail with BIG CHIPS

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Yo, man, “The Cut” and I were hanging out on the porch real late the other night.  And “The Cut”, he goes, “Hey man, you ever think about the mail?”

Big Chips was a little discombobulated for a min but then I started to see where he was going.

“You got this dude, man, and he brings you mail.”  “The Cut” let the sentence waft through the air and out past the pines.

I looked out at the mailbox– nailed to a stake in the ground by the driveway.  I had walked past it a million times without any realization whatsoever of its purpose.

“They could put things from anywhere in the World in there,” I stated aloud.  “The Islands, the Snow Regions– man, you could even write to your next-door neighbor and they’d have to put that letter in their mailbox.”

“That’s what I’m saying, dude,” “The Cut” answered.  We slammed fists together and “The Cut” made one of those explosion sounds because truly it had blown our minds.

I woke up at 3PM the next day and waited for Pops to come home.

“Hey, Pops.  Big Chips wants to know what kind of mail we get,” I said.

“As a matter of fact, Big Chips, I forgot to get it.  Why don’t you go grab it for me?”

I didn’t feel much like crossing the yard but I went anyway.

And yo, man, there was like a summons in there.  For Big Chips.  Something about serving on a jury and all.

“What’s this, Pops?” I said, once I had returned to the kitchen.

“Looks like jury duty,” he said.  He started looking through a newsprint circular advertising Decorative Hams.  “Everybody has to do it.”

“Pops, it’s like “The Cut” predicted this, man.”

Pops looked at me funny.  Then he went back to the Decorative Ham ad.

So, dude, pretty soon Big Chips is gonna’ be ramping it up in the courtroom.

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