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Royer Pulls Up in Old Camper

January 16, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Brock Belvedere, Jr.
Senior Staff Writer
File photo

Incarcerated business magnate Ric Royer pulled up in an old camper today, sources are reporting.

Witnesses stated that the camper was battered, rusted and full of holes but Royer proudly showed it off to passersby.

“He said he would be doing a lot camping in it,” noted witness Ghant Gaetti, who was given a tour of the mutilated vehicle. “I commented that the inside reeked of game and was moldy and wet besides but [Royer] just smiled and said he was going to do a lot of camping in it.”

“He pulled up in a very busy part of Lankville– in a handicapped spot and stood outside the camper for a long time, just grabbing anyone who would listen,” said another witness, who refused to be identified and was later shot by a gigantic, robotic camel. “He said that the camper came out of the barren west and that he was going to do a lot of camping in it.”

After some time, Lankville police ordered Royer to remove the camper and no further incidents were reported.

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