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Lankville Daily News Money Report with Shelley Reports

January 21, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Shelley Reports   Lankville Action News YES! Financial Team
Financial Expert

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The Lankville Daily News is lusciously delighted beyond measure to present a new financial column by noted expert Shelley Reports.  Miss Reports will be getting all on top of stocks– doing a little “hands” on reporting.  Go ahead Shelley, baby. 

Stocks continued sluggish today as the Buntz-Barlow Group lowered its forecast levels for inventory at the end of June.  Units for February are 0.4%

Trading was solid in Lankville Futures which saw a rise to 80 with a feverish series of transactions before the closing bell.  Packets gained some increase but were naught in the smallish area.

Stocks ended last week with a bumpy ride.  The Smalley 500 moved briefly into positive territory by mid-week but suddenly declined after a series of attacks from space.  Once the attacks were repelled, the Smalley lurked briefly, then began a slight rise back to expected levels.

Tuesday morning kicks off with earnings from Vitiello Decorative Hams, Inc., Buntz Mallows and Chambers Hand Drills.  However, trading in candy and shiny minerals remains stagnant.

After last year’s spectacular finish, traders are still looking for signs of improvement.  “It’s been a sluggish market, generally,” noted analyst Steves Bore.  “We expect this year to be strong but perhaps not as strong as 2013 or 2012 or 2011 but probably better than 2010.”  Bore suddenly had his computer screen “accidentally” pushed over and the interview ended in confusion.

Island markets remain consistent and the Outlands reported modest gains.

Lankville Futures 14,277.00 +80.00 +0.49%
Barrels 3,599.00 +14.25 +0.40%
Smalley 500 1,838.30 +4.00 +0.22%
Packets 2.83% -0.02 Naught
Candy $1,247.70 -4.20 -0.34%
Shiny Minerals $94.50 -0.07 -0.07%

The Lankville Daily News just wanted to comment on the fantastic job Shelley did with the preceding article.  Shelley, you’re really amazing, darling.  I mean, if you’re not doing anything tonight…well, just text me.  Send me one of those “face text” things.  Know what I’m talking about, baby?

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