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A Lankville Daily News and Inflamed by Stars and Blood Exclusive
By Caramel Jameson
ISB Correspondent

The Lankville Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) will premier a new horror series tonight at 10PM.

Horrible Mops!, the brainchild of frightmaster Dean T. Pibbs stars Ken Barney as “Whitey”, a

Ken Barney lowers the mop.

Ken Barney lowers the mop.

mongoloid school janitor from the Hills.  When Whitey discovers that Karen (played by Pares Jorgensen, in her debut) is in love with blonde badboy Trent (played by Ernie Whitt in his debut), he embarks on a savage series of mop murders throughout the school.  Will Karen and Trent get away?  Find out tonight at 10PM, 11PM mountains, 12PM deserts.

“I got the idea from the janitor at my school who was actually murdering a lot of people,” stated Pibbs, who is also known for his terrorist attack novels.  “He wasn’t using mops though, he was just using guns.  But I thought, what a great idea– mops!  Horrible mops too.  And Ken does a great job.  A lot of people don’t know this but Ken is half-mongoloid and a little bit murderous himself so it wasn’t a great stretch.  Also, I enjoyed being part of the filming and making some of the decisions in regards to filming the lockers.  I knew that that was essential to the scariness of the picture, the feeling of being isolated with lockers.”

LBC has completed filming of 210 episodes of Horrible Mops! and is hoping to commission a second season.

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