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Small Business Parade by Shelley Reports

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By Shelley Reports   Lankville Action News YES! Financial Team
Financial Expert

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Shelley did such a lusty, sensual job reporting on stocks that the Lankville Daily News is pleased to present her “Small Business Parade” feature.  We are bursting with anticipation.

Business:  Nuts, Ah!
Location: Twin Removed Pines MallPark City Mall, Lancaster, PA 1970s

Launched in 2007, Nuts, Ah! offers nuts and other gifts out of a kiosk at the popular downtown mall. “People have been really receptive to our nuts,” noted owner Lorr-raine Murphy. “And we’ve drawn an exceptional staff of young female nut handlers who believe in our vast concepts and bring their own ideas and experiences to the table. The vending of nuts is by no means a completed process. It’s growing and changing with the times.”

Business:  Compelling Basements, Inc.
Location: A van

unnamed 09-11-44

Started in 2002 by two brothers in the Northern Hole Area, Compelling Basements, Inc. has now grown to a staff of eight. “We still operate out of a van,” noted CEO Larry Y. Temple. “Basically, to create the hierarchal system necessary to run a business that finishes basements, we work on a patch system. It’s kind of like the armies, I guess. You get patches according to your rank.”

Temple displayed his work uniform which featured 379 patches.

“We do basement rehabilitation,” added Managing Director Gene C. Temple. “We can make a corner seamless and accent it with flourescent lighting. People have generally been happy with our work and we will never revisit your home when you are not present even though we know your schedule and access doors. But that will never happen with Compelling Basements, Inc.”

Stay tuned for further features on small Lankville business in coming issues!

We just wanted to call attention to what a great job Shelley did on this report.  She really looked just terrific when she submitted it too– those knee-high leather boots and that red leotard.  Wow!  Shelley, just wanted to apologize too for driving by your apartment slowly the other night.  I just…well…you’re just such a great lady, Shelley!  

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