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Feelings by Dr. Kevin Thurston

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By Dr. Kevin Thurston
Special Correspondent


Dr. Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

Recently, I purchased some foam hearts wholesale to sell to certain clients.  “You can put this in your office to remind you of love,” I noted.  “Only $9.99 each, $12.99 for the red ones.”

Responses varied but I found that the red hearts were the most popular.  At $3.99 wholesale price, that’s a nice $9 profit.

“Look at the heart throughout your day,” I advised.  “It will remind you of love.”

Foam hearts come in a variety of colors.

Foam hearts come in a variety of colors.

“Yeah, you already said that,” said one client.  “You said that when I bought the fucking thing.”

“I sense hostility,” I countered.

“Well, you said that the heart played little songs.  It doesn’t play any songs.  There is no apparatus inside that would allow it to play songs.  It’s just more foam inside.”

I put my hands together in a pacific manner, reminiscent of a shaman at prayer.  “That’s alright.  Remember, love can be dangerous too, full of disguises.”

The client thought about this and eventually calmed down.

Later, I sold him a bag of charcoal.

  1. Johnny Pants-Ass
    January 31, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    I’m am a patience of Dr. Thurston. I am happy with the techniques and I have bought a table for krfafts. Thank you, Dr. Thurston.

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