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Royer’s Madcap Experiences: The Green Cross

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By Ric Royer

The Green Cross came to the home. Two men clad in white coats set up a blood station in the dining hall. Volunteers were requested and, bored, I elected to participate.

Ten of us patients filed in.

“ALRIGHT SHITS,” said one of the Green Cross Men. “Get your pants off and your milky white asses in the fucking air!”

I had never heard of blood being taken from the rear but I did as I was told and had a needle roughly jammed in, perilously close to the anus.

“Fuck. Sorry about that. Missed the cheek,” said the Green Cross Man. “Like a god damn can of corn,” he said mysteriously.

Warden Jenness sauntered in. He gave a short speech, as is his wont.

“It is important what you men are doing. I congratulate you heartily on your extraordinary efforts. From the buried veins of the ass grows mighty trees.”

He slapped me viciously before I could hoist my pants. The sound resonated throughout the nearly-empty dining hall.

We were given heavy cookies and punch by a fat nurse who appeared from somewhere. The Green Cross Men packed up the blood station quickly, hauling the entire thing out in two medium-sized suitcases.

Then, we were led back to our cells.

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