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Zookeeper, Zoo Staff Interrogated on Pondicherry Death

February 6, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Glitzy Fritz Tannenbaum
Special Zoo Attache

FIle Photo

FIle Photo

Lankville police in tandem with the Lankville Bureau of Probes are interrogating the zookeeper and staff of the Lankville Memorial Discount Zoo in connection with the death of President Pondicherry sources are confirming.

The President was eaten by a lion late last night. He was 56.

President Pondicherry's death could have been prevented.

President Pondicherry’s death could have been prevented.

“There may have been some impropriety here in regards to the caging of the lions,” noted Detective Gee-Temple, one of the first to respond to the scene. “Additionally, we have evidence of misconduct on the part of zoo staff.”

Jerry Papers of Eastern Lankville was a witness to the President’s death.

“When you go to [Lankville Memorial Discount Zoo], you kind of just expect that lions and elephants will be following you around and that there will be no visible sign of any staff whatsoever. There have been a lot of accidents there.”

Papers was suddenly, himself, mauled by a roving panda.

The Lankville Bureau of Probes had already announced by press time that they had completed their inquiry and that 6 individuals had been executed.

“We believe that the President’s death could have been prevented.  Justice has been served,” noted an LBP official who refused to be identified.   “We are still holding the zookeeper,” added the investigator.  “He has a lot of good animal jokes, so we’d like to hear the rest of them and then…”  The official trailed off.

President Pondicherry was 56.

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