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I Have Created a Members-Only Rare Sticker Database

By John Chubbucks Sticker Expert

By John Chubbucks Sticker Expert


I have created a members-only rare sticker database.  It’s $39.99 a month to join.

What do you get for that money?  Only the single greatest rare sticker database in the world that has ever and will ever be created.

I have classified all rare stickers according to a lettering system of my own creation followed by binary code.  For example, the very rare 1975 Buntz Mallows’ Richard and the Postman set is known as PPHX-110001. Each individual sticker in the set (there are 12 known to exist) are thus identified as PPHX-110001-1, PPHX-110002 and so on and so forth.  I only identify those stickers adhering to the MINT IN WRAPPER Chubbucks condition rating.  Everything below that grade is crap.

Using this code, you will be able to find every rare sticker known to mankind as well as comprehensive data on the sticker’s production, release date, distribution details and a photo of front and back.  You will find AT MINIMUM three paragraphs on the type of adhesive used.  Exact measurements are included.  There is no greater resource in the known world.

I have been working on this database (in addition to my numerous other projects) since 1989 so you can be sure I have exhausted all known, secondary resources.  My bibliography is impeccable, beyond reproach.

You can pay by check by sending $39.99 each month to John Chubbucks, c/o Linda Chubbucks, 268 Spoons Road, Eastern Lankville or by PayBuddy at chubbucksstickergod.spummail.net.  Make checks out to CASH.

You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Mikhail Goberman
    June 11, 2014 at 9:02 am

    My bibliography is impeccable, beyond reproach.

  2. June 11, 2014 at 10:05 am

    Are they self adhesive? If not, do you also sell the spit to make the stickers stick? I’ve had a dry mouth condition ever since I accidentally licked one of those new 100 grit sandpaper lollipops. Also seeing a tongue specialist, but he’s mostly an 80 grit guy and keeps saying things like “You really should try a Sahara-pop.”

  3. Chileanmonk
    June 11, 2014 at 10:09 am

    Dear Sirs,
    This is to inform you that upon visiting the computer site referenced in th above article (which I did for the purpose of gaining access to the undisputedly valuable information contain therein) I was dismayed and appalled to discover that many (most) of the other databases accessable on there are of a disturbing and most assuredly Not Safe For Work nature. Luckly, this is not a problem for me, per se, as it has be quite some time since I have “worked”, owing to some shrewd investments I made with my Easter money and the checks I receive for my disabilities. However, I am aware that there are others, less forturnate than I, who must toil, day in and day out, under the yoke of some master, and to them I say “Beware! The master is watching! Always watching!” In hoc signo vinces!

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