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Legalities Delay East Lankville County Library Project

Mrs. Larry Temple Junior Reporter

By Mrs. Larry Temple



Legal delays are expected to put the completion of the new main branch of the East Lankville County library system a minimum of 4 years away, sources are confirming.

The breakdown of the construction timetable was revealed in Thursday’s meeting of the East Lankville County Board of Trustees.

“We’re sort of at a standstill,” said Board Chairman Damaso Moseby, referring to the legal holdup of the building’s construction.

Damaso Moseby: On the Hot Seat

Damaso Moseby: On the Hot Seat

Library construction had proceeded well and rapidly for months at the old Meyer Plantain Hut building at the corner of Little Sherman Avenue and Eastern Lankville Route 31. Then, when a series of mysterious fires racked the area and a criminal complaint was issued against Moseby, the plans were cut short.

“He set all the fires and he sells drugs,” said Gladys Milton, who operates an aquarium across the street from the proposed location and filed the complaint. “We don’t want him in our neighborhood.”

Moseby denies the allegations and points to his clean criminal record and years of public service.  “We’re just trying to build a library out of a plantain hut for the Eastern Lankville community,” the beleaguered chairman stated. “I really don’t know where [Ms. Milton] is getting these ideas.”

Today, the board will reconvene to amend the current policy regarding the lending of reference materials. “We want to be able to continue to provide for the Eastern Lankville Community and we hope to make it easier for individuals to borrow items from the storage facilities under the supervision of the branch manager or librarian in charge,” stated Moseby. “However, patrons will not be able to visit our current site, which should be consider closed until further notice.”

“I’m happy about that,” said Mrs. Milton, when informed.  “He sells drugs.  He’s a drug dealer and a firestarter.  It’s for the best.”

  1. Chileanmonk
    July 26, 2014 at 9:14 am

    All I know is that I can’t wait for the library to open, then I’ll never have to go to that damn aquarium again!

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