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You’ve Been Thinking About that Presentation Oar, Haven’t You?

By Floyd Tingley

By Floyd Tingley

You’ve been thinking about that presentation oar, haven’t you? A lot of people are like you. They read my article a few months ago and they said, “Hurrmpff! What do I want with one of them?” And then you thought about how good it would look in your basement, den, or boat. Am I right?

Well, fortunately, at Tingley Presentation Oars, we don’t hold no grudges. You want a presentation oar, you came to the right place. Right now, we’re even having a small sale. $195 a presentation oar. Now, before you go writing me and saying, “Hey Floyd– that’s the price you said last time”, let’s make something clear. The price went up. Went up to $215 but right now, just because I know you’ve been thinking about it, I’m going to lower it back to $195 just for you.

Comes with a little gold plaque. I’ll put anything you want on there. Put your name, someone else’s name, the name of your craft, whatever you want. Just no nonsense. No humor. I don’t stand for any of that.

You can write me: Tingley Little Presentation Oars, 55 Knobs, South Lankville, 2-111. Serious inquiries only. Be sure to inquire soon– there’s gonna be a long waiting list at these prices.


The opinions of Mr. Tingley are not necessarily the opinions of The Lankville Daily News and its subsidiaries.

  1. Gary Carter 278
    July 27, 2014 at 8:42 am

    Mr. Tingleey’s presentation oors are worth themoney. Everybody says to me that gary that oor you got is gorgeous– did you karve it yourself? everybody says that to me and then (rest of letter covered in blood).

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