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Lankville Television Counselor for Friday


 (2) LVOV  (7) LDFF  (10) LCRE
 6PM The Clarity Hour with Myoist Hines Johnny Samples helps people get their keys out of their cars. LCRE’s Pastor Forum. Rev. Elliott Minster, Rev. Collingswood Tucker
 6:30  “ NEWS PRECIS The 6:30 News with Linwood Probert
 7:00 Would You Like to Win All These Wonderful Things? (GAME SHOW) Restrained Bloopers The Ric Royer Dance Connection (LIVE)
 7:30 Zoo Chase (GAME SHOW) Trupper James, M.D.  “
 8:00 The 8 O’Clock Movie: SIMMERING HEAT (1969) Starring Lin Boppitt, “The Best”, Raymond Toda SPORTS: Small Motel Girl Wrestling (PRE-RECORDED) Richard and the Postman
 8:30  “  “ The Joffertons
 9:00  “ Funny Jokes (WARNING: VIOLENCE) Family Matters (NEW!)
 9:30  “ A Probe with Shelley Reports: The Rise of Challenges in Lankville Future Court
 10:00 SPORTS: Lingus Nets Challenge (LIVE) Fantasy Hill ALL ANAL HOUR (restricted)
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