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Lankville Women Open Exercise Center

By Ida Rumpus

By Ida Rumpus


A group of Lankville women opened an exercise center in the Northern Wooded Shopping Arena last night. About 200 people attended the event in which non-alcoholic beverages and a sheet cake were served.

“We’re hoping to explain the benefits of calisthenics and moderate dumbbell lifting,” noted co-founder Betty Chastain, 27. “The center is well-equipped with all the latest tumbling mats, stationary bicycles and pummel horses and we have a clean, modern locker room with shower facilities.”

The founders of the new exercise center are, from left to right: Betty Chastain, Jen Sakata, Pat Bourque, Gene Tennis and Lynnda Coombs.

The founders of the new exercise center are, from left to right: Betty Chastain, Jen Sakata, Pat Bourque, Gene Tennis and Lynnda Coombs.

The locker room was of particular interest to a small cohort of about ten male attendees, who spent the evening hanging around the doorway and closely monitoring women as they exercised in form-fitting leotards.

“We certainly need something like this in our area,” said lurker Bill Herrington, 46. “Just look at these gals go.” Herrington suddenly grunted deeply and bent over awkwardly at the waist as he watched a participant stretching just a few feet in front of him. The interview was ended prematurely.

“I’m a great believer in deep floor stretching as a means of bolstering physical fitness,” said co-founder Pat Bourque, 26. Bourque then rolled over on her back, lifting her sculpted legs high in the air as the group of men took stared aggressively. “As you work the hips and thighs, you’ll notice yourself able to spread your legs further thereby benefiting the muscles of the buttocks,” Bourque added, as one of the men suddenly collapsed and had to be removed to a comfort station. “Stretching is really the best exercise there is.”

“We want our center to be a nice activity for young wives, somewhere they can go after a long day taking care of baby or pounding a typewriter,” said Sakata, 24, who previously served as a physical education instructor.  “But we’re also really delighted that these men came to watch.  They certainly have shown a keen enthusiasm for what we’re doing here.” Sakata then demonstrated the health benefits of the pummel horse as several of the men followed her movements closely.  “Our center is something for the whole community,” Sakata added, as she breathed deeply and grunted due to the exertion.

“Boy oh boy,” noted another of the watchers who began mopping his brow and refused to be identified.  “Look at that scissor move.  She’s taking charge of that horse.”

The center will be open weeknights until 10 p.m. and can be reached at NORTHERN 5721.

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