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Chastain, Creator of “Fuzzy Ponies”, Dead at 73

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By Lloyd Byas-Kirk

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk


Betty Chastain, the beloved creator of the “Fuzzy Ponies” series has died. The author was 73.

Detail of Chastain illustration from 1982 title "When the Fuzzy Ponies Dropped the Hammer"

Detail of Chastain illustration from 1982 title “When the Fuzzy Ponies Dropped the Hammer”

“We responded to a call to the Chastain home early this morning,” said Detective Gee-Temple of the Lankville Bureau of Probes. “We discovered a great chasm beneath the Chastain home that led to an unspeakable, interdimensional demonic arena and it is here, unfortunately, that Mrs. Chastain met her end.”

Chastain published 47 titles in the “Fuzzy Ponies” series.

“She was best at identifying with the child reader,” noted area librarian Jean Folger (rated about a 7 out of 10 by this writer). “Although the Fuzzy Ponies often embark on many sudden, extraordinary adventures, they also go through many of the same things as the average Lankville child– things like brushing their teeth, going to the playground or riding in a car. That’s what makes Chastain so versatile– on one page a Fuzzy Pony is watching his surroundings decay and turn to dust and then, suddenly, with little or no explanation, is having a fun day at the park, prancing through the fields on the next page.”

Chastain made few public appearances in the last ten years of her life and published only one title– 2007’s The Regeneration of the Fuzzy Ponies. The book was not well-received.

“We are happy that Betty was able to bring so much joy and confusion to children,” noted the Chastain family in a prepared statement.

A small, restrained funeral has been planned.

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