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Madison Launches New Website: “The Cover of Lankville’s Internet”

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By Fritz Tennis

By Fritz Tennis


Precocious techno guru Danny Madison is spilling his sack of inventions all over the Lankville community these days. Mere weeks after the release of his wildly successful “Game Cube”, the 12-year old wizard launched “scanit.com”, a website which describes itself as “the cover of Lankville’s internet.”

“Scanit.com will summarize the best pictures and stories of Lankville’s internet and place them in an easily-scannable format perfect for aimless, desultory leering,” noted Madison, who was interviewed while programming a series of robotic arms to lightly toss a bowl of chilled gelatin. “Imagine the internet as Lankville’s giant book, a book that we’re all creating. Scanit.com will be the cover of that book.” Madison paused for a moment as the wobbly gelatin suddenly shifted and began to lurk dangerously at the bowl’s edge. “It’s alright,” he then announced to the group of onlookers gathered behind him as the gelatin returned to its original position. “Everything is going to be alright.”

Madison: "

Madison: “I’m very pleased with the seven kitten posts…”

Critics, however, have noted that scanit.com has a rather lengthy list of posting rules and has already banned 7 million users as of 8AM this morning.

“I opened three different accounts just as a test,” noted Electronics Cranny contributor Neil Cuppy. “I was banned immediately for posting one of my personal electronics articles, was banned a second time for mentioning a particular zoo that was evidently unpopular with the creator and was banned a third time for opening a third account.”

“Just about everyone that has tried to post has been banned,” stated Electronics Cranny contributor Skip Vorhees. “If you log on right now, you’ll see that they only have seven posts. And they’re all just pictures of kittens.”

Madison attributed some of the early problems with scanit.com to “growing pains”.

“I’m very pleased with the seven kitten posts, however. I know that we’ll soon see more.”

Madison then returned to his experiments and the interview was ended prematurely.

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