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There’s No Accountability and That’s Why I Scream at the Desert

December 4, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Fingers Rolly


There’s no god damn accountability anymore. Everybody just runs around with red hair, earrings in their noses and those terrible dungarees. And that’s why I sit in my fucking tin shack and scream at the desert.

Fucking cracked brown bullshit.

You don’t have the morality they had when I was a kid. Back then, you fucked up and everybody knew it. They’d bring a big truck in once a week and that’s the way it was. Not now, because there’s no fucking accountability. It’s a god damn free-for-all is what it is. Nothing left but to scream at that whore of a desert.

I can’t even put down the little awning and sit outside anymore. There’s no accountability. Who even knows what they’re singing about these days?

I scream at the desert regularly.

The Lankville Daily News would like to apologize for the preceding article. Mr. Rolly was assigned an article on funny holiday books.

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