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The Lankville Daily News Guide to Gifts for Her

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Horse Quirk

By Horse Quick

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She is your everything. She is your soulmate. Your eternal love. She holds the key to your heart and your happiness. You are blessed. But what gift is good enough for her at Christmas?

We can all agree that Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. But, let’s be honest, it can also be extremely stressful and over-stimulating and finding that perfect gift for that special someone isn’t always easy. The purchase of thoughtless gifts for your girlfriend, wife or casual lover can lead to disappointment, tears and shootings. Thankfully for you, Horse Quick is here with the ultimate holiday gift guide for the sunshine of your world.

Yard Office from Worlds of Royer

Yard Office from Worlds of Royer

1. Yard Office by Worlds of Royer

Nothing says “You will always be engulfed by the waves of my love” like a Yard Office from Worlds of Royer. Laser cut to ensure accuracy, easy to assemble. Interlocking parts keep the Yard Office perfectly aligned– she will appreciate the symmetry. Doors can be positioned open or closed– allows for her to set the mood. She’ll know that she is your light in the darkness with the Yard Office from Worlds of Royer.


Quonset Hut by Schoenfeld House

2. Quonset Hut by Schoenfeld House

The new 1:87 scale Schoenfeld quonset stands as a perfect symbol for the bond of man and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend. Fully-assembled, ready to go straight out of the box, this quonset hut is made of detailed molded plastic for that realistic feel. She’ll swoon over the plug-in illuminated light inside (not visible from outside).


Portable toilet from Saffran Modelers

3. Portable Toilet by Saffran Modelers

Romance is about attention to detail. And the Saffran Modelers delivers just that. She will love detailing modern construction, park or carnival scenes with this layout-ready portable pottie, scaled from actual prototype dimensions. Injection-molded plastic will last as long as your love. Prepare for that twinkle in the eye of your delicate flower when the Portable Toilet by Saffran Modelers is opened on Christmas Morn.

And that’s a wrap! These gifts are sure to bring sunshine and gather up rainbows for your special someone over the holidays.

Horse Quick is an expert on gift-giving. He has written for newspapers, magazines and free pamphlets since 1988. From 1994-1997, he was on Death Row.

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