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A DIY Christmas by Sarah Samways

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unnamedThe holidays are here and they’re here to stay on your couch for a couple of days until things get better with the ol’ ball and chain. Did November kind of fly by and leave you hanging? You haven’t bought any gifts yet?! Not to worry! Here, I’ve provided some simple solutions for the last minute shopper on a shoestring budget.


Sure, everybody wants a “Reckoner”– who wouldn’t? But in lieu of the latest gizmos and gadgets which are great but expensive, show that special someone how much you care with the gift that keeps on giving: a package of used AAA batteries. Tell them “…it’s an investment that will grow over time.” They will wither with anticipation for Christmases to come. Be sure to include a homemade card! Wrap with festive newspaper and decorative hairbands.


The author makes a "snow thing". It's free to make "snow things!"

The author makes a “snow thing”. It’s free to make “snow things!”

So, you saw your sweetie eyeing that sparkly choker in the shop window…But it’s a little out of your price range. I’ve got you covered! Macaroni necklaces are always in style! If you’re feeling especially creative, use some tri-color rotini for a bold statement carcanet. If you perhaps follow a gluten-free lifestyle, skip the pasta necklaces and go for a more modern look with silver paperclips. Soda pop tabs are also an option. Really, the sky’s the limit!


Do you and your loved one need to get out of Dodge (and fast)? Get out of that negative head space and into a destination unknown! Lankville City, the Great Mystery Savannah, the Lankville Big Mountains – these are all fabulous getaways, but they’re not for you. You broke bitch. Never fear, there’s nothing a little construction paper and glitter can’t fix! Make collages, or vision boards, as you might call them if you’re from out of town, using magazine clippings, pretty buttons, and crayons. Tape them above your bed and invite your loved one to join you in “paradise.” It’s sure to be the gift that keeps on giving!


Do you have a bunch of children tugging at the hem of your apron, begging you for toys they’ve seen on the television? They’re good kids and you want them to be happy but there’s no way in hell that they’re getting that newfangled Eskimo Kiss Wally with opposable thumbs. It’s not in the budget and you already gave away your AAA batteries. Maybe next year! But just so the little kiddos don’t get too upset, improvise! Sock puppets are the natural choice but feel free to think outside of the bun – anything can be your littlun’s new friend! A rock collection in an old tissue box, leftover gourds, squeaky dog chews, an apple with googly eyes glued on it…Your kids will love them all!

Be sure to leave any questions/concerns in the comments section below and let me know how this works out for you. Happy Holidays, Lankville!



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