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Famed Cafeteria to Shut its Doors

Mrs. Larry Temple

Mrs. Larry Temple


An iconic cafeteria in the heart of Lankville’s Great Eastern Grassy Suburban Area will close its doors on Friday.

The Giant Tart cafeteria has been in continuous operation since 1957.

“It’s been a good run,” said founder Dennis O’Fashioned Candies, now 91. “I checked out years ago and have been kind of coasting on sub-par food ever since. It’s time to let go. It’s time to prepare for death.”

The Giant Tart Cafeteria is entering its end times.

The Giant Tart Cafeteria is entering its end times.

O’Fashioned Candies has already begun selling off furniture and fixtures to passersby, including his famed “Giant Tart Mold”, the longtime staple of the cafeteria.

“Tart’s gone. Long gone. They’re won’t be any more giant tarts,” the enigmatic restauranter noted.

Devotees meanwhile have been lining up for one final meal.

“It’s a landmark, definitely,” noted Daily News cuisine editor Brian Schropp. “The Giant Tart is where my new ideas in breakfast sandwiches first germinated. They used to serve a dish that was two pieces of toast and an egg and sausage. I remember staring at the plate thinking– what if we stacked all these items? That’s when it all started for me.”

Schropp noted that his final meal at The Giant Tart was a mix of nostalgia, tears and discomfort.

“I was told if I wanted a chair and table, I had to buy them and take them with me after I finished,” Schropp stated. “I ended up crouching in a corner. Everyone seemed incredibly angry and impatient.”

O’Fashioned Candies plans to serve one final dinner Friday night and be closed by 8PM.

“After that, I’m burning whatever’s left and that includes the building,” he noted. “So get down here early.”

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