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Triangle Garden Opened, Closed

January 11, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments
By Kimball J. Cranney

By Kimball J. Cranney


A sculpture garden consisting of nothing but triangles has been opened near Pondicherry Square in downtown Lankville City.

President Pondicherry gave a short speech and cut the opening ribbon.

“People can go to the garden during their lunch breaks, relax and enjoy the triangles,” noted the President. “There are a lot of triangles. Some [of the triangles] are small, some are large. Some [of the triangles] are up really high in the air, others are down at ground level. It’s a delightful place.”

For some time after the official opening, no one entered the garden.

Some of the triangles from the triangle garden.

Some of the triangles from the triangle garden.

“We’re still waiting for the first person to go in,” noted the President, who crouched behind some nearby trees to remain out of sight. “We’re wondering if the problem is a lack of triangles or a surfeit of triangles. Hopefully, it will become clear.”

After several hours, Dr. Miller Lupin of Western Lankville slowly entered the garden. As he milled about, several further triangles were suddenly added, blocking the only available exit. Dr. Lupin later died.

The triangle garden was closed to pedestrian traffic shortly thereafter.

“Clearly, the triangle garden is a disaster,” noted designer Bobby Robby-Grillet, who was inconsolable and weepy. “I wish they would just pave it over again.”

President Pondicherry is expected to call an emergency meeting later today to decide the fate of the garden.

“We thought it was a delightful triangle place but clearly it may very well be a place of triangle menace,” noted the President. “We will come to some conclusions after lunch.”

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