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People in the News

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People in the News

Steve Bob-Horner is part of a growing movement. A movement that we call “People in the News”.

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk

By Lloyd Byas-Kirk

“Guess I first became aware that I was a person in the news a few years ago,” says Bob-Horner, a short, stocky man with wispy blonde hair and crimson cheeks. “I was down for a ribbon-cutting at the new outdoor shopping plaza– they had a giant oblong attention-grabbing inflatable object that I was interested in viewing– and, long story short, everyone was more interested in me [than the giant oblong attention-grabbing inflatable object]. At that point, I became a person in the news.”

It hasn’t all been roses. The stress shows on Bob-Horner’s now lined face. He chain smokes cigarettes in his darkened kitchen. He has been through a seemingly endless tally of lower-level jobs. He is drunk.

“It’s been…difficult,” he says, as he looks down at the filthy linoleum floor, so close to breaking down entirely. “You can see why I keep all the curtains closed and park my truck in some bushes three blocks away.”

Indeed, we can. For beyond those curtains, fifty reporters stand at the fence perimeter– waiting…watching.

We asked one of the reporters why– why Steve Bob-Horner?

Steve Bob-Horner: A Person in the News

Steve Bob-Horner: A Person in the News

“Because he’s a person in the news,” responded the intrepid correspondent, who asked to remain anonymous. “Do you really need to ask that question, Lloyd?”

“But when…when will it end?”

The columnist eyed me carefully before answering.

“It ends with death, Lloyd. It ends with death.”

Bob-Horner knows this– to some extent, he has accepted his fate.

“Just wish I hadn’t gone down there [to see the giant oblong attention-grabbing inflatable object]. Everything changed then. Everything changed.”

We slowly backed away from the kitchen table but kept our eyes on the broken, star-crossed figure before us. It grew dimmer, the light was fading. I played some sad orchestral music off my LPads. The mood was dismal.

Dismal for Steve-Bob Horner.

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