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This Woman Came to Renew Her License– She Didn’t Notice that We Had Balloons Though!

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By Dennis Updatables

By Dennis Updatables, Lankville Motor Vehicle House


I saw her when she walked through the door. Pretty little thing– she looked lost, confused, maybe she’d never had a license before, maybe she didn’t know how to renew her current license, who knew? I was about to find out.

First though, I figured she would check out our balloon selection.

That’s right. We’ve got balloons now. The Lankville Motor Vehicle House has balloons!

Boy, was I all wrong though. She walked straight by ’em, straight up to my little service counter where I have the nice plaque that says “Dennis Updatables”.  That’s the handle my parents gave me, God love ’em.

“I’m here to…renew my license,” she said. She looked down at the floor. Shy little thing, that’s alright. I just tried to make her feel comfortable.

Mrs. Lawrence W. Bundles

Mrs. Lawrence W. Bundles

“Have a seat, Miss…?”

“Mrs,” she corrected. “Mrs. Lawrence W. Bundles.”

“Well, Mrs. Bundles, what can we do for you here at the Lankville Motor Vehicle House?” I sort of nodded towards the balloons. They were right behind her.

“I need to renew my license. I…I don’t drive much, Mr. Updatables. I…well…there was an accident some time ago and…”. She trailed off.

“Accidents can happen to anybody,” I said, smiling. I nodded towards the balloons again. She sure wasn’t biting though.

“It was a terrible…terrible accident Mr. Updatables. My husband…Mr. Bundles…hasn’t been the same since.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mrs. Bundles.” Why wasn’t she noticing the balloons? Balloons make everyone feel better. They were right behind her– right over her shoulder practically.

“But, I need to be able to drive him to the clinic. You see, his cousin, who is also named Lawrence W. Bundles– well, he tripped on carpet that hadn’t been nailed down properly and fell into a mine shaft. Oh, it’s terrible, Mr. Updatables.”

She began crying. What can you do for someone though? Someone who can’t see the balm to soothe their pain, the balm that is within reach, so close…so close.

I patted her on the back and some of the ladies took her to an office in the back and gave her a little paper cone of water from the cooler.

It was too bad. Too bad for Mrs. Lawrence W. Bundles.

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