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Barlow Foods Reorganizing Several Stores

By Mrs. Larry Temple

By Mrs. Larry Temple


Ever hear of rebooting a grocery store?

Barlow Foods is in the middle of a “reset” at several of its stores, including locations in the Lankville Capital, the Deep Eastern Suburbs, and the Outlands.

“Each store is making carefully moderated changes to the general merchandise departments,” said founder and CEO John Barlow. “Some are perhaps noticeable to the observant customer. Others are small changes that customers won’t even notice.”

Barlow Foods CEO John Barlow.

Barlow Foods CEO John Barlow.

“The bulk foods section at each store is relocating to where the Bounteous Garden Wonderland organic section was,” noted Barlow, who was interviewed in his downtown office suite. “The Bounteous Garden Wonderland organic section, which is expanding, will move to where the Holiday Card Shop was. The Holiday Card Shop will now be found behind the lockers and the Limited Soft Shoe department, where kitchen tools are currently sold.”

Barlow produced a complicated flip chart and scanned quickly through several pages.

“We already have a large inventory of organic and gluten-free products and, very soon, customers will have even more to choose from in the Bounteous Garden Wonderland which will be expanding a few aisles into the Cake, Pastry, and Filled Doughnut Department but not effecting the revolving Juice Jenny or the Cheese Wagons,” Barlow said.

The changes are being made to accommodate the product offerings added to the Bounteous Garden Wonderland section as well as an increase in the offering of Elephantine Family Bundle items – products sold in large quantities at a quantity discount.

When asked if the changes were a response to customer requests, Barlow demurred.

“Acknowledging customer requests means acknowledging a state of lawlessness. These changes are so because I have said they will be so.”

Barlow Foods has already completed the process at other stores in the Western Lankville market. The current resets should be finished by April 15th.

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