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The Man I Was by Dr. Kevin Thurston

Me as a Young Man

Me as a Young Man

Dr. Kevin Thurston is an expert on men’s feelings.

The man I was. Just look at me.

I spent many days with that pillow shoved callously between my body and the side of that Queen Anne’s chair. A pillow was just a pillow then- back before I began to have sympathy for the feelings of all things. Now, it makes me terribly sad to look at such a cute inanimate object rejected like that. I wish the “me of now” could tell the “me of then” about the imminent years of horrifying relentless inner torment and the endless journeys of fear, discovery and self-reflection. Perhaps the “me of then” would not be so easily inclined to hoarding the “free space” of the chair. All space is free. No man may claim it.

Clearly, I did.

The “me of then” also smoked three packs of cigarettes of day. It was because he (I will go ahead and call him he– he is foreign to me now) needed succor and sustenance and he sought it in those now mysterious objects purchased by the carton late at night at distant gas stations. He would drive all night, polluting our common shared spaces with cigarette smoke– exhaling it all over trees, grass and, most importantly, all over feelings.

Fortunately, my addiction is now to my patients and to keeping them away from becoming boys like this. My patients are men, men with feelings– men with feelings who buy some of the nice things I currently have available– caller ID component, fits most standard telephones, $9.99, one of those ball shape toys for babies missing one shape, $9.99, lots of other great stuff.

Make an appointment today. Be the you of now, not the you of then.

This article has been paid for by Dr. Kevin Thurston, expert on men’s feelings.

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