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I Want to Tell You About How Me and My New Boyfriend Went and Got Pizza

By Ashley Pfeiffers

By Ashley Pfeiffers


I want to tell you SO MUCH about how me and my new boyfriend went and got pizza!

I just about DIED when he asked me. I was watching him skateboard over at the community half-pipe and he suddenly cruised over and said, “Ash– you and me…tonight…pizza.” I couldn’t believe it. Then he said, “Ash, this Ollie I’m about to pop– it’s for you baby.” OH MY GOD, I thought I was going to pass out I was so nervous and shaky! He ended up falling over an orange cone a bunch of times but then he actually did it and he blew me a kiss. We are so in love!

Later, I waited for him by the door. My Dad kept saying, “When are you going to bring this young man in to meet us?” but I was just like, “DAD, STOP!” My heart was racing a mile a minute when I saw him come up the walk. He had even borrowed his grandmom’s station wagon. He’s so cute, I know he likes me!

When we got in the car he said, “Ash, I want to kiss you hard before we wolf pizza.” I giggled and he put on the radio and we kissed really, really passionately. Then, he pushed back his bangs and started the car and we drove out to the Pizza A-Round, which is where all the kids hang out sometimes.

It's the pizza my new boyfriend bought for me.

It’s the pizza my new boyfriend bought for me.

A guy who didn’t seem to be a host or even a waiter and who was soaking wet and confused showed us to a table.

“Did you see that goof, Ash?” my new boyfriend said. “What a goof! That’s not gonna’ be me Ash. That’s NOT gonna’ be me.”

“I know,” I said. “You’re working really hard on your skateboarding.”

“You make me better, Ash,” he said. Then some breaksticks came.

We just have so much in common.

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