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How to Get the Party Started

By Mr. Mentor

By Mr. Mentor

So you think you’re real hot shit, don’t you? Careful now girl, easy does it now. Don’t inflate too many balloons if you ain’t prepared to party. Don’t pack your luggage just yet now. Deep down, you already know the itinerary; you’ve got to travel slowly and meaningfully and respectfully. Kiss maybe a quarter of the hands you meet and then shake approximately 17.5% of the babies you come across vigorously. Approximately, you know – give or take.

You want out of the endless cycle of running in place and chasing your own tail? You want to save the world? Go tell it on the goddamn mountain because some of ‘em are better than you and some of ‘em are worse but they’re all hungry, see? Which goes back into that party I mentioned before…

Did you set the table? Did you dim the lights? Are the salad forks on the correct side of the plate? Is the candelabra lit? Is the good china out? Are the glasses pristine? Is the wine sparkling? Is the conversation flowing, not forced?

Write nine ‘thank you’ notes to every guest who decided to show up, on the hour, every hour. Sound like a lot to do? Afraid you’ll mess it all up along the way, spilling gravy into someone’s irritated lap? You will, a little bit, but if you keep your head on both shoulders, your tie tucked away evenly under your collar, and your eyes and ears open – you might just host the party of a lifetime.

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