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Upcoming Titles from Lankville Authors

Elliott Cumber-Lanny

Elliott Cumber-Lanny

Here at the Lankville Daily News, we’re proud to bring you some of the finest local writing you’ll find anywhere, with a full range of hard-hitting news, opinions, funny stories, musings, and even more opinions. In fact, our authors are so prolific that even the cornucopia that is the Lankville Daily News can no longer contain them: our cup runneth over! Herewith, a roll-call of worthies, as many of the contributors to these pages will soon break into print with these upcoming titles. Look for them in a bookstore near you!

29 Lesser-Known Gourds (Shining Dome Press, $15.99), David Hadbawnik

I Want to Tell You About My New Boyfriend: The Coffee Table Book (Massage Ball Editions, $21.99), Ashley Pfeiffers

Hey, Can I Buy a Cigarette Off You: More Funny Stories from Dick Oakes, Jr. (Two-Fisted Tales Press, $5.99), Dick Oakes, Jr.

I’ve Been Punched in the Mouth While Writing This Book, I’ll Be Punched in the Mouth While Writing My Next Book (Two-Fisted Tales Press, $5.99), Dick La Hoyt

Dr. Kevin Thurston, expert on Men's Feelings, consults with an area female.

Dr. Kevin Thurston, expert on Men’s Feelings, consults with an area female.

Make Your Me-Burger (for less than $10.99 a month) (Real Feelings Books, $35), Dr. Kevin Thurston

The 2,978 Lankvillians You Meet in Heaven (Fluffing Pillows Press, $11.99), Ida Rumpus

From “Appleheads” to “Zuftmerschnausen”: A Lankville Lexicon (Lankville State Press, $19.99), Dr. Glen Ogilvie

Girl Spills Milk (Memoir of a Lankville Female) (Massage Ball Editions, $14.99), Sarah Samways

Sandwiches I Have Loved (Shining Dome Press, $31.99), Brian Schropp

Musings, Cuts, and Other Viscera (Decorative Hams Products, $19.99), Chris Vitiello

Woman in a Man’s Game: Interviews with Robin Brox (Massage Ball Editions, $14.99), Robin Brox with Ida Rumpus

Scratch-Hiss-Purr: A Meow-moir (Lankville State Press, $19.99), Grumbles the Cat

This Chamber’s Loaded (My Academic Journey) (Real Feelings Books, $35), Dr. Matt Chambers

You Can Take the “Age” out of “Village” But I’m Still the Guy in Charge of Lankville (Fluffing Pillows Press, $5.99), President Pondicherry

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