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Sing Us a Song, Piano Man: Bourdealeau to Revive Memories of Nights at Casa Montecristo

By Eric Klox

By Eric Klox

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A slice of life from one of the Lankville Snowy Lake area’s most renowned and beloved musicians will be celebrated on Sunday, August 16th when the Two Carpet Theatre presents “Memories of Paul Bourdealeau at the Casa Montecristo”.

The event will recreate the era of the tinkly piano sing-along, specifically performances by Bourdealeau at the Casa Montecristo, which decades ago was Lankville’s most elegant reception hall and hot spot.


Paul Bourdealeau

Bourdealeau played six nights a week at the Casa Montecristo beginning in 1968 until he was replaced by Deejay Humphries in 2000. People would gather and sing along with the accomplished keyboardist well into the night.

“Nobody could play the tinkly piano sing-along like Paul,” said long time patron and aged person Glonn Wilkerson. “This is a great event and is going to bring back a lot of memories for us old-timers.”

Wilkerson was suddenly attacked by hornets and the interview was ended prematurely.


The Casa Montecristo (an elegant reception hall)

The August 16th event, which will include over 20 singers and a short performance by Bourdealeau himself, will benefit the Bourdealeau Confrontation Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the Challenge Problem in Lankville. Refreshments will not be served.

Bourdealeau, now 97, has been practicing for the event for weeks.

“Just trying to remember about the piano,” he noted. “Everyone is having a wonderful time.”

Tickets for the show are $20 for adults and $15 for students and are available by calling the Two Carpet Theatre at Snowy Lake 2-5512 or by visiting the box office. Ask for Kent.

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