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I Want to Tell You SO MUCH About How My New Boyfriend Bought Me Some Candy

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OH MY GOD– I just HAVE to tell you about how my new boyfriend bought me some candy!

So, last night, my new boyfriend came to the house right at dusk. It was SO CUTE– he didn’t knock on the door but, instead, he threw some little driveway pebbles at my window. It was just like the olden days!

I opened the window and he was like, “Ash, there’s a cave fire nearby. Let’s go watch!”


We took a couple of blankets (it’s been getting chilly in the Deep Northern Suburbs lately) and watched the fire from a distant hill. There were like fifteen fire engines there and everything. In a way, it was really beautiful, even though I really, really felt sorry for that poor cave.

Ashley Pfeiffers

By Ashley Pfeiffers

After awhile, my new boyfriend started getting kind of restless. I was like, “what’s wrong?” and he kept saying, “nothing Ash, nothing. Just thinking about some stuff.”

Next thing I know, he pulls out a box of candy!


It had a red bow on top and everything. I started crying!

“These chocolates are, like, super exquisite Ash (he had already eaten a few) but none are as sweet as you,” he said.

My heart was beating a mile a minute! WE ARE SO IN LOVE.

“It’s too bad about that cave,” he said suddenly. I watched the faint crease lines appear on his forehead. “My peeps and I had some good idea sessions in there.”

“But anyway, let’s wolf some of these chocs, Ash.”

We ate a bunch of them and watched the firefighters. They were pulling something out with a chain.

“GOT A DEAD ONE HERE,” they said.

I started crying. My new boyfriend consoled me with some more chocolate. Then we kissed, sweet, chocolate kisses under the fading moonlight. He laid my head down on the blanket. That’s when he told me he loved me for the first time.

“GOOD LORD, GOT A BUNCH OF DEAD ONES IN HERE,” another firefighter called out.

He put his finger to my trembling lips. “Don’t think about that, Ash. Think about us. And the chocolates.”


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