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Couple Invited to Cat-Lover’s Luncheon

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Buck Igloos

By Buck Igloos

Whatever you do, don’t tell Katie Lynn and Ralph Waldo Rumpus there’s nothing exciting happening in Lankville on a Saturday afternoon. (Katie Lynn is a distant relation to Genevieve Rumpus, of “No More Fucking Around” fame and a recently named MacLankan “genius,” but no relation to the Ida Rumpus who reports for this paper.) The couple were recently invited to a specially organized “cat-lover’s luncheon” this Saturday at the swanky “Moon Room” in Casa Montecristo (an elegant reception hall).

The Rumpuses

The Rumpuses

Deejay Humphrey, back from a tour/recovery period in the Lankville Partial Icy Regions, has been engaged to provide sedate, tasteful musical accompaniment for the luncheon. He enjoys working with the cat-lovers, whom he describes as “a festive group. “They know what they want, they know how to have a good time without going overboard.” Most of all, he added, “they appreciate a solid beat, with some bass and random squealing and reverb. They get me. I like that.”

There will be a buffet of puffy pastries, sweetmeats, and noodles of some type.

The Rumpuses can’t wait. For years, they’ve cultivated an image of people who really, really love cats, caring for two themselves and always offering kindness (and kibble) to kitties around their neighborhood in Lower Lankville Heights. They knew of the infrequent and elaborately planned cat-lovers’ luncheons, but until now had not secured an invite. “I mean, who do you gotta blow, right?” laughed Katie Lynn Rumpus as she ran her hand up and down the back of a purring feline on her front stoop.

Cat (file photo)

Cat (file photo)

Ralph Waldo Rumpus, meanwhile, admitted that his expectations for the luncheon are “pretty much off the charts.” With wild eyes and childlike exuberance, he listed the activities and conversational tidbits he anticipates at the gathering: “Of course we’ll exchange photos of our kitties,” he said. “I’ve been going through scrapbooks, and I’ve got a good selection that takes us through the kitten to adult stages.” There will be anecdotes, Rumpus added; perhaps even tales of the famous “Mittens,” a rarely seen calico cat with distinctive markings known to frequent the Woods.

A more formal element of the luncheon will be provided by Lankville veterinarian Marla Tibbs, who will offer advice (and answer questions) on nutrition and cat hygiene during dessert.

“Really, though, this will be about community,” said Rumpus. “A community of cat-lovers.”

It’s been a long wait, but for this area couple, the cat’s finally out of the bag.

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